Your enjoyable dental experience depends on your comfort and safety. Your dental team utilizes the latest technological advances in dental equipment and techniques to ensure your satisfaction with your visit and your continued excellent health.

The DIAGNOdent® is an exciting new dental technology that allows us to find cavities on the chewing surfaces of back teeth ― even when those cavities are just beginning and likely would have been missed by previous detection methods. The DIAGNOdent is a small, portable laser unit that detects the cavity, alerting us with an audible signal and a numerical readout that provides information about the cavity’s size. The value is that we can stop cavities in their infancy, whereas in the past they would have to be significantly bigger before we could find and treat them. Just like other areas of medicine and dentistry, early detection and treatment is of immeasurable value in preserving your health.

Intraoral Cameras
An intraoral camera lets you see inside your mouth during both treatment planning and dental procedures. Our intraoral camera displays your teeth on a monitor or iPad, allowing your dentist to walk you through your proposed treatment. The use of this camera allows us to work with you as a team to meet your dental goals.

Digital Radiographs (X-rays)
Digital radiographs are a technological advancement that results in less exposure to radiation for our patients and in an almost instantaneous picture for Dr. Suzuki. You will appreciate a more comfortable visit, as well as quicker treatment thanks to digital X-rays.


Air Abrasion
If you have anxiety about going to the dentist, you may have a common fear…the drill. Drills have been the traditional choice to remove tooth decay, but with air abrasion, certain levels of decay can be removed with a powerful burst of air, meaning no drills are necessary!

Air abrasion generates no heat, sound, pressure, or vibration and leaves more of your tooth intact. Don’t let a fear of drills keep you from a necessary dental procedure. Ask Dr. Suzuki about air abrasion today.

Sedation Dentistry
Dr. Suzuki wants you to feel comfortable and confident about coming to visit us. For those who suffer from extreme anxiety, our office offers sedation dentistry as a safe and reliable way for you to feel more relaxed. With extensive training in sedation dentistry, we offer you the most comfortable experience possible. If you have been putting off years of dental work, while living in pain or with embarrassing oral problems, sedation dentistry can change your life.

IV Sedation Dentistry – You can be perfectly relaxed during your trip to the dentist…even while undergoing treatment! For the fastest and most dramatic results, Dr. Suzuki offers IV sedation dentistry designed to relax you and to make you more comfortable during complicated dental procedures. Dr. Suzuki has a team of highly-trained anesthesiologists to provide IV Sedation. IV stands for intravenous ― meaning that the medication that helps sedate you is administered through the veins ― thus eliminating your anxiety, as well as your pain. This method allows you to become relaxed at a much faster rate than with other sedation methods.

Even if you are afraid of needles, the IV sedation needle is so small that most patients liken it to a tiny pinch or a pinprick as the insertion is made (usually at the top of the hand or within the inside of your elbow). Dr. Suzuki and his team are very experienced in these techniques. Should you choose IV sedation, they will be sure to create a comfortable experience for you.

General Services

General Services

Services from cosmetic dentistry to restorative, we offer it all. Please visit our services page, to find out what the best options are for you!

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Tooth Whitening – At-Home

You can have the confidence that comes from a bright, white smile. Ask us about your at-home-whitening kits and how they can help you.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is an important part of your confidence. Let us create a customized treatment plan for you, based on your age and your goals, and find a solution that fits your budget.